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CMT - combined manual treatment™

It represents a synthesis of selected manual techniques for treating specific conditions and problems, including review and targeted exercises, and control.

The treatment consists of anamnesis through conversation, diagnostic findings you bring, posture analysis: functional assessment, body assessment through statics and movement, and the treatment itself: manual and functional therapy.

The treatment can last up to 2.5 hours.

Indications: back pain, tendinitis, headaches, migraine, depression, stress, anxiety, distortions, muscle strains, atrophy, sprains, dislocations, circulation problems, spasms, edema, rheumatic complaints, localized pain, sciatica, spasm, injuries, recovery after injuries; I place special emphasis on: problems with the sciatic nerve, cervico-brachial syndrome, scoliosis, kyphosis, pain in the lumbar spine, pain between the shoulder blades and a stiff neck.

Contraindications for all massages: high fever, infectious diseases, acute inflammatory processes, all types of burns on the skin.

First visit - examination + treatment EUR 70 (527,41 kn) Further treatments: 1-1,5h EUR 50 (376kn), 2-2,5h EUR 90 (678 kn)


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Scars and adhesions

Scars are formed to heal the wound, inside the scar the sensation is reduced, there is no sliding of the fibers, the tissue is glued. They act as a barrier that limits the normal movement of tissues. Scars through their ability to limit movement due to superficial and deep adhesions may or may not create major dysfunctions throughout the fascial system.

Working on scars leads to the release and loosening of tissue that the scar has “pulled” towards itself. Every physical trauma leaves some form of “record” on our body, including in the brain. When a surgeon operates on a patient, a scar remains. That scar is actually a slightly different tissue than it was before the surgery. This tissue is fibrous, less elastic than healthy tissue, but perhaps most importantly, it has no proprioceptors. If the tissue does not have proprioceptors, it means that no information about that tissue reaches the brain, which results in “black holes” in the “motor map”. All tissues are interconnected and transmit information to each other all the way to the central nervous system. Therefore, scars on our body create muscle imbalance because the brain does not know how to recognize them since there is no transfer of information. However, this does not mean that the muscles atrophy! The brain simply does not know how to properly involve them in the action.

All scars are treated, no matter how small or old they are. It takes a minimum of 3-5 treatments to free the scars from restrictions.

Price: EUR 33 - 46 (250 - 350 kn)

Craniosacral therapy

A method of gentle pressure on the bones of the spine and skull with the aim of bringing the nervous system into harmony. Pressures are used to influence the craniospinal fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, which can be constricted in the spine due to trauma caused by a fall, a traffic accident or due to general nervous tension. With this therapy, the narrowing of the nerve passages can be alleviated, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid can be improved, and the bone structures can be brought into the correct position. This therapy got its name from the bones that surround the nerves with the vertebrae, i.e. the bones of the skull (cranium) and tailbone (sacrum). The brain and bone marrow are covered by protective membranes that create a unique envelope through which the cerebrospinal fluid flows, which is produced and reabsorbed in the skull. It creates a rhythm that spreads throughout the body like a wave from the skull through the spine to the peripheral parts of the body.

Price: EUR 46 (HRK 350)

Miofascial release (MFR)

MFR is a technique of special manual rehabilitation, medical therapy that is applied by the action of the hands to points of chronic pain on all parts of the body (eg arthritis, back or neck pain…). It is used in the treatment of immobility and pain in the musculoskeletal system, which relaxes soft tissues (muscles, fascia, ligaments and joint capsules), improves blood and lymph circulation, and stimulates the stretch reflex in muscles.

This technique also affects people suffering from dizziness and weakness, headaches, pelvic pain, sports injuries, chronic pain conditions, chronic fatigue, painful scars, etc., as well as anxiety and depression. These gardens of pain are often misdiagnosed or mistreated, resulting in pain that people are forced to live with and become accustomed to using analgesics instead of being cured. Myofascial relaxation is intended to relax the contracted fascia and return it to its normal state.

Indications: MFR technique has shown visible improvements in problems with bones, muscles and joints, reduced range of motion, reduced flexibility of the body itself, adhesions (adhesions) after surgical interventions, mobilization of scars and their reduction, sports injuries, hyper and hypotonus of muscles, contractures, stomach and digestion problems, “frozen shoulder” problems, lumbar and cervical syndrome, neurological disorders, breathing problems, bronchitis and asthma, stress and chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic conditions…

Price: EUR 40 (HRK 300)

Emmett technique

The Emmett technique belongs to special physiotherapy techniques and is a method that can be used in a complementary way with any other physical or manual technique. It is a very fast method that, when activating the right muscle, gives effective results as soon as the muscle correction (pressure on the muscle) is carried out. The effect of the performed work can be directly tested – by measuring strength, mobility or balance. The places where pressure is applied are the so-called Emmett points, overlapping points of sensory or receptor and muscle points. The Emmett method activates stored bad patterns of movement and/or balance, and by eliminating them through the work of various structures of the central nervous system, new movement patterns are created on the spot, without pain and with better balance – depending on the clinical picture and difficulties presented by the patient/ client.

In addition to the immediate effect on muscle correction (which will be facilitated or relaxed depending on the condition of the muscles, i.e. depending on the response of the associated proprioceptors), the application of this method also aims to affect the patient’s long-term improvement by releasing muscle and fascial tension, and stimulating the secretion of natural endorphins, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Indications: Emmett is used to treat pain and muscle discomfort, improve range of motion, establish or improve balance, restore the neuromuscular system.

Price: EUR 40 (300 kn)


Foot treatment

I start the treatment by relaxing the lower back. Then I begin to relax the plantar fascia, thumb and calf using the myofascial technique.

This is followed by a massage in combination with acupressure/reflexology.

I finish the treatment with the Emmett technique for the entire foot, toes, ankle and calf.

A foot massage will relieve tension and have a beneficial effect on the health of the internal organs and on the improvement of blood and lymph circulation. It has a strong relaxing effect, because it affects the entire organism, using the fact that there are seven thousand nerve endings connected to all parts of the body on the foot.

Price: EUR 40 (300 kn)

Rejuvenation&Relax™, Recharge treatment

The treatment begins with short stretching exercises, breathing technique with olfactory alchemy, and relaxing sounds, guided meditation and diaphragm relaxation technique.

Then I start with facial care, where after peeling, a mask is applied, and during the mask, I do myofascial relaxation of the shoulders, neck, head, chest, lower back and legs using the Emmett technique

After the mask is removed, a face, neck, shoulder and chest massage follows with carefully selected serums, creams and oils, with a combination of different massage techniques and a relaxing acupressure massage with stimulation of the energy points of the head, neck and face, I finish the treatment with a deep relaxation technique


Price: EUR 100 (753,45 kn)
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