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Corporate (office) massages

Corporate massage is intended for companies where employees spend most of the day in a sitting position. The World Health Organization has named lack of physical activity as one of the leading causes of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Excessive sitting is particularly harmful because it slows down circulation and metabolism and causes pain in muscles and joints. All these problems associated with sitting lead to reduced productivity in the workplace and frequent absence of employees due to illness.

In developed countries and companies operating according to the principles of socially responsible business, corporate massage is part of the corporate culture. Corporate massage is a great way to help your employees get rid of stress and to increase their satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.

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Corporate (office) yoga

The human body is not adapted to the long-term sedentary lifestyle typical of today’s businessmen. Therefore, spending day after day at an office desk results in some of the common ailments faced by anyone who sits in front of a computer for a long time.

Pains in the back, neck, shoulders, and hands most often occur due to incorrect body position when sitting, and using a mouse and keyboard. Uncomfortable and painful carpal tunnel syndrome, which can also lead to weakening of the muscles of the hand, occurs more and more often when working with computers. Weakened circulation is the result of lack of movement. Digestive disorders due to prolonged exposure to stress and inappropriate, usually fast food, along with large amounts of coffee and inactivity, cause various, potentially chronic and even serious digestive difficulties. Problems of the circulatory system, especially high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels in the blood. Eye problems due to daily long-term looking at the computer screen can be the cause of difficulty with focusing, blurred vision at a distance, fatigue and burning eyes, hypersensitivity to light, etc.

Yoga asanas, certain breathing exercises and meditation can significantly ease all these ailments.

Office yoga is done without taking up too much space, you don’t need mats.

It is practiced on a chair and with the help of a chair and a table, it is fully adapted to the requirements of corporate culture.

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A sedentary lifestyle is one of the major problems of today’s lifestyle and has a significant impact on people’s health. In order to raise awareness and educate yourself about ways to prevent and mitigate the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, it is possible to organize specialized lectures.

Lack of physical activity is the cause of many health and psychological problems of today’s working population, therefore it is important to invest in the health of employees. By gradually introducing physical activities among employees at the company level (carrying out activities at home, during a break at work or during a break outdoors), daily physical activity becomes part of the routine. This alone raises physical activity to a higher level.

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