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Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

Individual or group access to key tools for achieving inner peace, reducing stress, and enhancing your life.

Living in today’s fast-paced world can be challenging, and stress is often an unavoidable companion. However, with proper breathing and relaxation techniques, you can learn how to cope with these challenges and regain a sense of balance and control.

Learn how to breathe correctly to increase oxygen levels in your body, reduce tension, and boost your energy. In sessions, we work with breathing diagnostics, biomechanics, and manual techniques for fascia relaxation, as well as diaphragm release.

Discover various relaxation techniques, including progressive muscle relaxation, Body scan, TRE, meditation, aromatherapy, and other methods that will help you feel relaxed and calm.

Stress Management Tips: Learn to recognize stressful situations and acquire strategies to cope with them through relaxation techniques.

Individual Consultations and Group Workshops: We offer individual consultation services for personalized learning and support, as well as organized group workshops for collaborative learning and sharing experiences.

I have been conducting guided meditations and breathing technique education for over 13 years, held at the Ana Kutija Center or upon request at various studios, companies, and similar venues.

Sound aroma meditations are a combination of Yoga Nidra (deep yogic relaxation and release of unconscious patterns), visualization, progressive muscle relaxation techniques, and breathing techniques. They are performed with the scents of carefully selected essential oils and sound baths.

If you’d like to try some of my guided meditations and breathing techniques for free, I invite you to visit my YouTube channel and find something that suits you.

I create an opportunity for you to focus on your physical and mental health through experience, personal interaction, and support.

Price: EUR 40
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