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I have been doing guided meditations for over 13 years, and they are held at the Ana Kutija Center or by invitation in other studios, various companies, etc.

Sound aroma meditations are a combination of Yoga Nidra (deep yogic relaxation and release of unconscious patterns), visualization, progressive muscle relaxation techniques and breathing techniques, and are performed with the scents of selected essential oils and a sound bath.

Such a combination meets all the needs of your body, relaxes and revitalizes the body. Ancient sounds and vibrations cover human frequencies and energy centers, breaking through physical and mental blockages and creating relaxing benefits similar to meditation and exercise, but without the physical or mental effort.

Yoga Nidra and Sound Baths with Tibetan Bowls, Koshi Bells and Rainstick are one of the most enjoyable, detoxifying and holistically rejuvenating vibrational tools. Sound therapy restores the original vibration to the body, which is perfect at birth, and as we grow up, is disturbed due to external and internal factors.

Sound therapy affects every cell in the body, balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain. One of those sides is less represented, and with sound therapy they are brought into harmony, which results in regeneration. The high fluid content in the body enables the transmission of sound waves and vibrations. With a targeted approach, individual vibrations and conscious frequency corrections, we can get back into a state of agreement with ourselves, restore balance and support health.

Meditation promotes happiness, calmness and general well-being. If you want to try some of my guided meditations for free, I invite you to visit my YouTube channel and find something for yourself.

Price: EUR 20 (150 kn)
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+385 976127609


Ulica Gjure Szaba 4, 10 000 Zagreb (first floor)

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